Pricing of SMS Gateway services

This will be the first of a collection of posts that will be combined into a research article and will try and cover as much as possible on the pricing of sending an SMS. There is no way to have a complete listing of prices from different SMS service providers and mobile network operators because:

  1. The matrix of providers and pricing models is simply too large and complex to cover
  2. Prices are dynamic and change with market fluctuations
  3. Pricing isn’t always published by SMS service providers
Still, the idea is to have a solid estimate of the ballpark price one can expect to send bulk SMS by various SMS service providers.
The cost of sending bulk SMS using cloud telephony services like Twilio or Tropo will be discussed in a separate post that will deal specifically with these services.
The research strategy will be as follows:
  • Each post will deal with a new country, starting with the country largest single market of SMS traffic, namely the US.
  • A table of price per campaign size for various SMS service providers will be compiles. In addition, this table will also hold the mobile network operator prices for sending an SMS via SIM cards.
  • In case various pricing models can be used for a campaign (i.e credit based, SMS based or other methods), the most profitable model for the customer will be selected for the comparison.
So now we have a plan. Research for the US SMS service provider market starts tomorrow…

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