Bulk SMS prices in the UK

haven’t had too much time to do in depth research, but had time to compile the following table:

ClickSMS BulkSMS Text Marketer intellisms O2 Unlimited text plan
500 4.3 4.5 3.7 6.4 2
5000 3.9 4.2 3.7 5.5 0.4
50000 3.3 3.9 3.4 4.1 0.4
500000 3.1 2.8 3.1 0.4

The lowest prices among the SMS Gateway service providers in the UK appear to be for Text Marketer, but even these are from 7 to almost 10 times more costly per SMS than using an SMS gateway device with a SIM that has a monthly SMS plan from a mobile network carrier (in this case a 10 BP/month plan for 50 minutes and unlimited text by O2, and assuming “unlimited” actually means 2500 messages).




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