SMS Gateways and THE CLOUD

It seems that we have gotten to a point where the term “cloud” is thrown around in technological and IT circles more than it is among meteorologists and weather anchors.

I don’t have a problem with cloud technology. What amazes me though is how otherwise intelligent people can become fanatic followers of a new technology that comes along based on its PR rather than on critical analysis whether that technology is the best solution to their needs.

Cloud technology certainly has its place, but placing everything in the cloud is not wise – it’s not even in the spirit of the Internet, and if I may be philosophical, placing it as the silver bullet for every type of service is pushing back the trend of centralism, which IMHO will eventually fail as the pendulum swings back to a more balanced view of the domain of solutions available to solve a given problem.

This is not a new trend – remember the dumb terminals of the 80′s and early 90′s ? Remember the thin clients of the late 90′s ? The trend to push cloud computing these days is just another version of these old trends, which can generally be summed up as: “For everything you do, there’s no need for you to have the power. We’ll have the power and we’ll give it to you when you need it (if you pay us)”. It’s actually very similar to the buy vs. rent question – and using that analogy, if it were up to the cloud pushers you won’t be able to buy anything – only pay rent to the landlords for using their property.

As I already mentioned – the cloud solution actually makes a lot of sense in certain circumstances. My opposition to it only begins when it tries to set itself as the best solution for every circumstance.

The relevance to SMS Gateways should be quite clear: The choice has to remain yours. There will be situations when using cloud SMS services (such as Twilio or various cloud SMS Gateway service providers/aggregators/brokers) will be the right way to go. There will be others when the correct thing to do is purchase your own SMS gateway. One thing is clear though – there should be alternatives, you should be aware of them and always be free to choose the right one for you.

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