Interactive SMS Campaigns

One of the interesting and effective features of SMS marketing is the ability to create interactive SMS campaigns. This effectively turns an SMS campaign from a monologue to a dialogue, which improves the level of communication businesses can have with their customers.

The idea is simple – customers, upon receiving an SMS notification, are given the option to choose between several responses. Each response can then trigger yet another SMS, which is fine tuned to the customers’ interests and which, as before, also enables several replies to choose from.

Hypermedia’s SMS Campaigner is one example of such a product. It enables to manage multiple interactive (or non-interactive)  campaigns, manage credits & users and monitor and analyze the types and number  of responses for every query sent at each stage of the campaign.

This interactive method of an SMS marketing campaign has several benefits:

  • It enables a more targeted, and thus more effective exchange of information with the customer base of a company.  If you’re at a stage where you’re evaluating a new service or product, having a better understanding of exactly what your customers want is obviously a good place to start.
  • Listening to what your potential customers want to tell you, and not focusing only on the message you wish to deliver them can improve customer trust and loyalty.
  • Having the possibility to receive various responses opens up the possibility of specialization of service according to response and creating a more effective customer database. Instead of a simple database that holds a bunch of customer phone numbers to send  the next SMS promotion to,  having an interactive campaign enables upgrading the customer  database to also includes data on customer preferences according to previous responses. Future campaigns can then be created to better fit the customers that receive them, resulting is a better conversion rate.
  • A dynamic process gives more degrees of freedom to adapt and change than a static one.  For instance – suppose you wish to create an SMS campaign for a car sale. With a standard static campaign you only get one chance. You can try and make the best sales copy in the world (with the limited characters available to you when sending out an SMS promotion), but at the end of it, you’ll convince some people and lose all the rest. As every salesman knows, having the ability to create a conversation gives you a better shot at convincing your customer, and interactive SMS marketing gives you the option of having an SMS conversation where each different answer will create a dialog with a different path.

These are just some of the advantages I can think of off-hand. With some imagination you can probably think of a few more. As with many other things, more options imply more power.


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